Saved by the vines

This last Friday morning we had the pleasure of dealing with our first close call with a late spring frost. Luckily we still had all the old vines from pruning conveniently located in large burn piles above each of our vineyard blocks ready to burn.

I started up all the burn piles at about 5am as the wind dropped to 0 mph and the temperature dropped below freezing in our lower blocks. If you look at the Weather Underground Historical Report from our personal weather station you can see a small spike of 1-2 degrees in the temperature between 5 and 7am right as the temperature hit the low point. The lowest temperature we recorded was 28.3 at the bottom of the Merlot block. There was some frost on the ground cover, but only dew on the vines.

Three days later we are happy to report that we see no signs of frost damage in any of our vineyards!

Did the sacrifice of the old vines save the vineyard from a late frost this season?–I can’t say for certain. It sure does make for a good story, memories I’ll never forget, and a pleasant reminder to include frost protection on my list of future investments. 🙂



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