Eye of the Hurricane

Right now, we’re in the eye of the hurricane. The fierce storms from the last few weeks have subsided. Evidence of Texas size tornado’s and torrential downpours are visible in the hand-dug drainage channels that scar the vineyard and now double as speed bumps.   The wildflowers and the weeds were trying to stake a …

Frost Protection

Outside the Box

Our constant curiosity for new and exciting technology means that, every so often, a package will arrive at Robert Clay Vineyards that is torn open with the same unbridled anticipation as a present on Christmas morning. The item in said package will then be put through spontaneous, yet rigorous, testing to ensure that it functions as promised. …

Helping Hands

One of the most entertaining aspects of our daily routine is having the pleasure of working alongside the steady flow of international volunteers who come to lend a helping hand at Robert Clay Vineyards. On any given day, we’re soaking in new slang like “fit” (cute) or “sugar baby” (non-native English speaker’s term for our …

Esther and Laurence at Sunset


We recently had two incredible HelpXer’s, Esther and Laurence out at RCV to lend us a helping hand. If you can read French then you can read their original blog post at Spin the Bottle.  Hope you enjoy their blog as much we did!  Thank you Esther and Laurence!  We won’t forget you!!! It is sometimes …

Texas Wine Teaser – Drew Tallent

A special thanks goes out to ProductionFor for their efforts in capturing our journey and that of Texas Wine!

Texas Wine Teaser – Dan McLaughlin

A special thanks goes out to ProductionFor for their efforts in capturing our journey and that of Texas Wine!